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What We Do




Music videos

We can take care of music videos from A to Z. We are there to help you create a treatment for the song you’ve chosen, we help you with the grant application process, determine shooting schedule, and provide you with a professional crew on-site. We also take care of all aspects in post-production as well as delivering the video in different formats for multiplatform.


Event videos

We create exciting videos that highlight key moments from your event; the people, the atmosphere and what happened.


Commercials & Broadcast

With our expert team, we can help you create professional and refined commercials, shows, specials, etc. without breaking the bank.

Documentary & Fiction

You have a great idea for a documentary or fiction but don’t know how to get started? We use our producer and director skills to make your film dreams come to life.  From the storyboard creation to set and costume styling to , we can help you make your lifelong projects a reality.   

Corporate & promotional videos

Forget those old-fashioned corporate videos, our creative concepts will showcase your company in a unique way that will make it stand out from all the rest.


Aerial videography

With the use of the latest technology such as drones, we provide quality images of a place or event.

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